NewsReportLake Conniston & Henley Thames Marathon

September 3, 2023

Lake Conniston Open Water Event (25th June 2023)

Kenilworth Masters members Karen Mee & Sarah Pagan started the Open Water Events Season, travelling to the Lake District to participate in the Aquasphere Chillswim 10th Anniversary 5.25miles End to End swim.

Conditions were relatively good, and swimming side by side both finished the distance comfortably in 2 hours 43 minutes, performing well in their respective age groups and both still smiling!

Henley Swim London Thames Marathon (13th August 2023)

An early start saw a team of five Kenilworth Masters swimmers head down to Marlow to take part in the 13km London Thames Marathon Event.

A step up in distance, Karen Mee, Sarah Pagan, Sophie Matthew’s, Helen Thurlow and Mike Pagan all rose successfully to the challenge, and with some favourable flow completed the idyllic route from Henley to Marlow in sub 4 hours.


Not just your average ho-hum run-of-the-mill masters swim club!


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